The Brief

Dear Team,

I am writing to you because the company I run is in dire straits. Due to recent developments, we have lost all our distribution and have little money in the bank. To save our 262-year-old company we require your help, and fast.

The company I run is called "DeGouges" and we sell luxury candles. DeGouges is a French company established in 1756 in a small village just outside Bordeaux where we still make candles to this day. For centuries "DeGouges" has produced the highest quality candles in the world. Providing illumination and fragrance to kings and queens around Europe, including Louix XIV of France and Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom.

While our luxury candle line has up until recently still been the largest source of income for the company, times are changing. The specialty limited production candles retail for well over 200 dollars apiece. A price too high for those in the larger mid-market segment.

To grow and become more stable the company has created a spinoff brand "DeBougies". This brand sells high-quality candles to a different type of customer. The customers for the "DeGouges" brand are generally very wealthy. The customers for the "DeBougies" brand are generally middle to upper-middle class.

After many years of selling the high class "DeGouges" brand through premium retailers, such as Harrods and Bloomingdales, disaster struck. Due to a supplier mix up a batch of candles was created with explosive detonation cord instead of wicks. This has led to the candles igniting spontaneously during transport and in warehouses. The source of the problem was quickly fixed after a stern talk with our supplier. However, no distribution company or even warehouse wants to take us on as a customer as a result.

Because of this, the only place our candles are sold is our shop connected to the factory near Bordeaux. Our customers all over the world are livid. We have received thousands of letters asking why we disappeared from luxury warehouses all over the world.

To survive as a company we need to be able to sell to customers directly as soon as possible. This is where you come in. We have found outside investors, but they need to see a working webshop in the next 24 hours, or they will also pull out.

We have no experience selling online, so we will be relying on your expertise to make a webshop that fits our needs. Be it concering SEO, settings or any other aspect of the website.

We would like to start with our most important markets, the UK and the United States. Our luxury brand of 20 unique high-class candles with limited stock is our main source of income. But if it is at all possible we would of course also like to generate more income with our newer "DeBougies" brand.

The "DeGouges" brand is so exclusive that we require a limit on how many candles can be purchaced per customer. Per year a customer should not be able to order more than 5 candles per type. It should however be possible to exempt certain VIP customers from this..

We expect our brand to be represented on the site. The "DeGouges" packaging uses a lot of gold or yellow colors on either white or black background. The "DeBougies" brand has no branding yet, but we imagine it being more light-hearted and less serious. With more bright colors, just like the candles.

To ensure smooth payments in both the UK and the United States, we have heard that Klarna is all the rage these days, so we prefer this as our payment method. For shipping we will use our standard shipping method. Worldwide free shipping for any packages over 50 dollars/pounds/euros. Any packages below 50 dollars/pounds/euros can be shipped for 6 euros.

Lastly, we do have an extra request that we would like to see implemented if at all possible. Our outside investors have also invested in a company that has created a candle slicer and mender.

In this machine, two candles can be placed. The machine will, according to its configuration, slice the candles horizontally, vertically or diagonally (at any angle). The machine will then automatically match the two candle halves, and re-merge them together. This presents the possibility to create many more types of candles with interesting scent and color combinations. It would only cost us an additional 10 euros/dollars to make two of these candles. Perhaps there is a way customers could configure their candles, or even have a preview of what the resulting candle would be like.

This is a feature that is only suited for the "DeBougies" brand as we want to keep our high-class candles similar to how they have been the last hundred years.

Attached to this brief are two product lists. One with our 20 luxury "DeGouges" brand candles, and one with our 330 varieties of high class "DeBougies" candles. The products do come with descriptions but they might not be very elaborate. We assume your team knows how to improve upon this if deemed necessary.

In order for the webshop to go live as soon as it is ready, we have asked MageMojo to set up a server. You should already have been provided access to this environment. We ask you to update changes to this server frequently to tame our nerves.

Thank you for your attention, and the best of luck the next 24 hours.

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